While it’s important to give of ourselves all throughout the year this is a time of year when giving to others takes on a special importance. I remember when I was young the experiences I had with my parents supporting the local food drive. I remember the feeling I had at that young age that what we were doing was important and valuable.

I want my children to grow up knowing that it feels good to give, that it’s important and valuable.  Our family has decided for the past three years to support the Food Drive locally by delivering and picking up food bags from our neighbourhood in an effort to raise stock at the Food Bank.

Today we delivered the bags and the kids were quite enthusiastic as they ran from house to house in the neighbourhood.  Our neighbourhood continues to grow each year.  This year there are double the number of homes so we will need to make sure we have extra energy available to pick up all those bags next weekend.  Maybe I’ll bring some Pure Energy Crackers 😉