About Us

My name is Diana Steadman and I am passionate about all things food.  I love being in the kitchen combining fresh flavours and ingredients sourced from our extra large veggie patch out back. As a busy working mother I recognize that finding balance is important. I won’t always be able to put that ideal meal on the table and that’s all right. I’ll get back at it tomorrow. That’s the thing about food, the next meal is right around the corner.

Creative Director Eat Grow Play Nature Camp

With 10 years experience as a Public Health Nurse in the field of health promotion, I understand how access to healthy food and a strong connection to nature contribute to both physical and mental health.  The more we can get our kids outside and in touch with nature, the healthier and happier they will be – it’s just that simple.

Along with access to nature and healthy food, I know that being connected to a vital community is immensely health promoting.  The Kemptville Farmer’s Market is a venue that brings together all these elements – an outdoor, community hub that serves fresh, local healthy foods each week.  I am so blessed to be a part of the volunteer board of directors who get to play a hand in supporting this most important community asset.  Be sure to check out the farmers market each Sunday 12-4 pm, May-Oct in downtown Kemptville.

I would love an opportunity to talk with you personally about Eat, Grow, Play.  Please feel free to call, text or email.  You have come to Eat, Grow, Play looking for the best for your children and I can assure you that is what I intend to create.  ~ Diana

View Diana’s resume here: Diana Steadman Resume 2017

Cell – 613-897-2724


Meet My Family

My family is my number one priority in life.  Liam is nine and has started to show an interest in how our food grows in the garden.  Colin is seven and is always ready to mix together ingredients.  He especially loves the job of mashing bananas.  My husband Scott is my touchstone in life.  He keeps me grounded and is a great source of support.  He is my number one taste tester and always a willing dish washer.  He has experienced a few of my misses and if you ask him he gets all the scraps that don’t make it to the final presentation.