Before & After School Program

Eat, Grow, Play Before and After School Program will expose your children to all aspects and seasons of growing and cooking their own food. Combined with daily outdoor learning activities and art projects inspired by nature, Eat, Grow, Play will ensure your children develop a deep connection to the natural world around them.

Nature Inventory Sketching

“For children, nature comes in many forms.  A newborn calf; a pet that lives and dies; a worn path through the woods; a fort nested in stinging nettles; a damp, mysterious edge of a vacant lot – whatever shape nature takes, it offers each child an older, larger world separate from parents.  Unlike television, nature does not steal time; it amplifies it.  Nature offers healing for a child living in a destructive family or neighbourhood.  It serves a blank slate upon which a child draws and reinterprets the culture’s fantasies.  Nature inspires creativity in a child by demanding visualization and the full use of the senses.  Given a chance, a child will bring the confusion of the world to the woods, wash it in the creek, turn it over to see what lives on the unseen side of that confusion.  Nature can frighten a child, too, and this fright serves a purpose.  In nature, a child finds freedom, fantasy, and privacy; a place distant from the adult world, a separate peace.” ~ Excerpt from Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv 

IMG_0459Throughout the school year, Eat, Grow, Play IMG_0982offers the right balance between structured activities and free time so that your children start their day off right and come home to you happy.   As much as possible, activities will take place outside where children will experience the benefits of being surrounded by trees, open meadows and our neighbourhood pond full of activity.  Because access to healthy food is so important for growing children, a large component of programming at Eat, Grow, Play will consist of learning to grow and cook delicious food.

Children will begin the school year learning how to harvest and preserve the bounty of fall.  Later as we put the garden to bed for the winter children will spend timePepper Plant sprouts learning about planning a large vegetable garden including the selection and saving of heirloom variety seeds.  We will spend time throughout the colder months learning how all the animals close by are surviving the winter including all the birds who come to the feeders for some extra nourishment.  Just when we simply can’t wait to get back into the garden, is when we will begin to plant seeds indoors.  Finally in early spring, we will prepare the garden beds for all of our seedling transplants and watch as another year’s garden comes to life.

Ages: Children entering junior kindergarten – age 12


Daily fee = $20 (includes a morning and afternoon snack). When paying daily or part time, snow day and PA day rate is $40.

Monthly rate = $396 (includes PA days and snow days – extra charge for the week of March Break $10/day)

September monthly fees = $306

December monthly fees = $372 (includes full day care on December 21, 22 and 23 – closed December 24 – January 1)

Hours: Open at 7 am, Pick up by 5:30 pm

Bussing: Bussing is available from Stonewalk Dr to the following schools: Kemptville Public School, Holy Cross Catholic School, Oxford on Rideau Public School and Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School.  Some families have been able to arrange bussing from South Branch Elementary School on an individual basis based on availability on that bus route.

“It is not half so important to know as to feel when introducing a young child to the natural world.” ~Rachel Carson