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Pickle Those Cucs

The dill flower heads are in full bloom in the garden.  That can mean only one thing – it’s time to get pickling.  Last summer at Eat Grow Play summer camp I managed to do the unthinkable…. I worked with 7 kids in a hot August kitchen to pickle 10 large jars of dill cucumbers. […]

Organic Tomato Plants for Sale

I have 15+ varieties of tomato plants for sale. Many of the varieties are heirloom and all plants are grown organically. The plants are in 4″ pots and have grown in size from 12-24 inches depending on the variety. The plants were started in late February and have grown to be healthy and strong by […]

vermicompost gardening with kids Eat Grow Play

Worms at Work

Back in January we began building a worm composting bin that would provide extra nutrients for our vegetable garden this summer.  Really I wanted a source of compost that was ready to go in March that I could use for starting seeds indoors.  I also thought this would provide a really good learning tool for children […]

Pepper Plant sprouts

Ready, set, sow

This is an exciting time of year for me as someone with a passion for all things food.  To be selecting and growing seeds that will produce the food that feeds my family for the upcoming year is so fulfilling.   I’ve discovered that I like to start my own seedlings because then I can choose from […]

purple pole beans

Itching to Grow

As we all count down the weeks until spring, some of us are itching to get growing.  This month brings lots of anticipation as growers begin to sow seeds that will transform over the coming months into food to last until next spring.  In our home we are still enjoying last years garlic, many of […]