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In three years offering a nature based cooking school for children I seem to get one question over and over again.

“when are you going to have camp for adults?”

This question has stirred in me many creative ideas about different types of workshops and wine and dine type evenings that I could organize.  However, all too often that little self doubting voice crept in and whispered “what if you’re not good enough?” and my creativity would fade.

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It’s silly how much I have allowed these doubts to keep me from pushing forward.  I am passionate about cooking and sharing that love of good food with my friends, family and community.  I’ve even had the experience of teaching a group of women to cook delicious vegan food for 80 people at a women’s wellness retreat.  It was a great success the food was delicious and we had so much fun.  Thankfully after many, many hours on and off my yoga mat, I’m getting pretty good at tuning out that little doubting voice.  Nothing else has changed really… I haven’t gone to culinary school or magically organized my life any differently and yet I feel a growing sense of purpose, energy and confidence that’s being fuelled by daily moments of mindfulness.

So here it is, the big announcement, I am going to start teaching adult cooking classes!

In writing that my mind still sends me little thoughts of self doubt, I am human so I don’t think that will change.  But now I notice it happening.  I witness the thoughts and I feel how they bring nervous tension into my belly and in doing that, those fear based thoughts drift away.  For me that has been the great joy and power of yoga.
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The opportunity to deepen my yoga practice appeared this past spring in the form of a 40 hour yin yoga teacher training at The Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre in Kemptville.  It’s no overstatement to say that what I learned there has transformed my life.  Currently I am working on a 200 hour yoga teacher training to deepen my practice and perhaps someday begin to help others to discover the healing potential of yoga.

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So as if cooking classes for adults wasn’t exciting enough, here’s the special news I have to share today.

I am working with a dear friend to bring you a combined evening of cooking and yoga!

I’m so excited about the chance to combine my two passions into one super yummy event. So excited that I spent a day working on one of the first recipes we will make together – golden pear and raisin chutney.  And since nothing goes better with fresh chutney than samosas, we will learn to make those too. I can’t think of a better pairing – delicious Indian cuisine and a beautiful yoga class.  So many more wonderful ideas are at the tip of my fingers itching to be shared. For now all I will say is that you will have fun, you will learn a lot, and you’ll come away feeling reenergized and nourished – body, mind and soul.

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