March Break Camp


Vegetable gardening with kids nature campProgram Highlights Include:

Camp Details

March Break Program

many more details to come including daily art projects featuring seeds, soil, leaves, rocks and sticks

Monday – healthy eating kids

  • All about seed germination – examine bean seed sprouts at different lengths of germination and the anatomy of a seed. Create visible germination habitats for bean seeds to view stages of germination at home.
  • Make edible seed sprouts – start on Monday for lunch on Friday.
  • Tomato, barley and chickpea soup cooking class

vermicompost gardening with kids Eat Grow PlayTuesday-

  • All about compost – examine a working worm vermicomposter in action. Learn about the nutrients that worm castings provide to growing plants and how to start and maintain a living worm habitat.  To see the worm composter in action at Eat Grow Play click here.  Warning – it’s a lot of worms!
  • Bread baking cooking class

Wednesday-children growing food gardening eat grow play

  • All about spreading seeds – Today we learning about the different ways to spread seeds. We are making seed bombs/balls a method for distributing seeds by encasing them in a mixture of clay and compost. This protects the seeds by preventing them from drying out in the sun, getting eaten by birds, or from blowing away. Seed balls are scattered directly on the ground, not planted. Campers will take home a variety of seed bombs to help spread growth around their neighbourhood.
  • Chia pudding and granola cooking class

Seed planting with kids Eat Grow PlayThursday-

  • Planning a vegetable garden – learn about different types of vegetable plants, how they grow, what kind of space and care they need. Today we will be mapping out a vegetable garden plot and building a bean trellis for taking home.
  • Pizza making cooking class – learn how to make pizza dough


  • Pulling it all together – create terrarium habitats out of recyclables and plant vegetable seeds to bring home for a small vegetable garden.
  • Stir fry cooking class featuring Monday’s bean sprouts




Time to reconnect with nature

Spring time is an exciting time to be outdoors.  Everything is coming to life: water is running, the sun is shining and animals and plants are rebounding from a winter endured.  Children are also full of energy during spring and really thrive when given the chance to explore their natural world.  This picture is of my son age 3 after a morning spent helping and exploring in our backyard.  It was a new home at the time and there was lots of mud and very little grass – he was in love with his surroundings and we let him explore completely.



Last summer at the Eat, Grow, Play Summer Camp we had many fun adventures exploring the neighbourhood pond.  This pond is a favourite destination in early spring as snow melt and spring rains bring lots of flowing water, tadpoles and fun times for children.  As you can see even a white dress didn’t stop this camper from exploring the mud with her fingers and toes.


outdoor play 2

“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling.” ~ Shanti







Learning to grow food

South facing windowThis March break, children at camp will get the opportunity to see first hand how seeds, soil, warmth, light and water combine to kick start the growth of seeds that will become the food that they will cook and eat at camp.   They will learn about the elements of good compost in potting mix that will give their seeds the energy needed become healthy plants.
Pepper Plant sprouts
seed watering

Using indoor grow lights and south facing windows children will be creating environments that promote the conditions perfect for seed germination. We will even select some bean seeds to sprout at the start of the week that can be enjoyed as bean sprouts for lunch at the end of the week.






Developing a love of fresh, wholesome foodChildren cooking class Kemptville

At Eat, Grow, Play, children will develop a love for fresh, wholesome foods because they are involved in the preparation of those foods.  The kitchen at Eat, Grow, Play is a positive environment where the focus is on the colours, tastes and textures of food  and where children are encouraged to experiment with new tastes, without the pressure to eat the unfamiliar.  Kids Eat Healthy FoodWhen given the opportunity to explore their creativity in a kitchen that promotes a positive love of fresh food children are much more likely to try new foods.

A new snack that campers will learn to prepare will be chia seed pudding. Served along side the camp favourite granola and a mix and match toppings buffet I am sure this will end up being a regularly featured snack at camp.

Peanut Butter Granola and Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding






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