As we all count down the weeks until spring, some of us are itching to get growing.  This month brings lots of anticipation as growers begin to sow seeds that will transform over the coming months into food to last until next spring.  In our home we are still enjoying last years garlic, many of our preserves and salsas, and frozen tomatoes, peppers, pumpkin, berries and beans.

This month I will be planting my rosemary and hot peppers (mid-month) and towards the end of the month I will plant my sweet peppers and tomatoes.  As March unfolds I will post pictures and updates with tips and tricks that you can try at home to start your own garden.

For now please enjoy a small sample of some of my favourite garden pictures from the last couple years.  I especially love the one of the boys, two years ago, watering the seeds we planted that March.

IMG_7588IMG_7609IMG_0355IMG_0964 IMG_1789      IMG_2308IMG_0984  IMG_2144IMG_0982 IMG_2143   IMG_2379