March Break Camp Kemptville

Using recycled paper scraps, you can turn unwanted paper into beautiful works of art.   Once paper is try, hand tear for an added hand made look.  Make small compostable pots for starting seeds by lining muffin tins with pulp after excess water has been removed.  If you have used seeds in your paper you can lay moistened paper on loose soil or indoors on a plate to germinate seeds.  We will be making this paper at two upcoming PA day camps on April 11 and 15, 2016.  To enrol your children in one of these day camps contact

  1. In a blender puree paper scraps with small amount of water and then add in seeds and flower petals.
  2. Make a popsicle stick square frame and using duct tape secure a piece screen to the frame.
  3. Pour the paper pulp into a casserole dish and add enough water to make a sloppy slurry.
  4. Using the screen catch a thin layer of pulp on the screen and allow water to run off. Press excess water out with fingers.
  5. Flip screen, pulp side down, onto a towel laid out on a flat surface. Press screen lightly onto towel with a second towel until pulp comes free from screen. Remove frame and continue to press pulp between two towels on flat surface. When dry enough to handle, remove paper to a cookie sheet to dry completely (overnight).

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