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Sweet and Savoury Cooking Class  

followed by a

Yin/Yang Yoga Practice

Friday, November 10 from 6 to 9pm

35 Stonewalk Dr, Kemptville, ON

Come with friends or enjoy a chance to make new ones as you unwind around the kitchen island. Brought to you by Diana Steadman of Eat Grow Play and Alisha M. Rexford of Om Metta Yogi, this workshop will take you on a sensational journey, combining yoga and cooking classes into one. Fully immerse yourself in the sweet and savory smells of chutney simmering and samosas (savory Indian pastry) baking, while enjoying a yang/yin yoga practice to balance the body and calm the mind.


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What you can expect:

• Learn how to create flavourful and delicious vegetarian Indian cuisine
• A hands on, small group cooking class, demonstrating: pastry making, basic knife skills, and combining and enhancing flavours
• A balanced yoga practice beginning with an energizing flow of asanas (postures) to get the body moving and circulation flowing, ending with simple yin poses and pranayama (breathwork) to lubricate the joints , stimulating connective tissues and prepping the body for digestion
• Mix and mingle with new friends while enjoying your handmade samosas with chutney
• A jar of your own chutney to take home

Cost: $65

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    • Wait to hear back from Diana to confirm you have a space. (spaces limited to 6)
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Do you get nervous in the kitchen? This workshop will help you learn to relax and enjoy home cooking by unlocking your creativity in the kitchen.  Later you will deepen your journey through the senses, with a balanced Yang/Yin yoga practice. Delve into the layers of your own body’s movement, inner workings, and surrounding environment; while your edibles undergo their own transformation in the background.

Allow us to guide you on this sensational journey

Diana and Alisha have fused their love of yoga, simple living, growing their own food, and cooking for those they love. They are looking forward to uniting their common and unique strengths to provide a versatile set of workshops exploring holistic practices such as yoga, meditation, cooking, baking, canning, gardening and other growing and healthy living skills.

Although we will be the ones leading these exciting new ventures, there is likely to be a mutual exchange of information being passed in both directions (us to you, and you to us). We firmly believe this is the best way to learn, grow, and engage with one another on this shared journey. We have much to learn from each other! We hope you will join us on this path to well being.

Learn more about Diana and Alisha and the passions they share in the about us section here.

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